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Welcome to Ghost Boot Disk

This site hosts a Symantec Ghost boot CD with multiple network card capability.

I have a CD version (Manual and Automated) and a USB flash disk version (Manual and Automated) available:

The Manual Session Version is a Ghost boot CD with multiple network card drivers installed. This is the "plain" version. This version will automatically locate the NIC and load the appropriate drivers. When Ghost is loaded, you are free to perform all normal Ghost functions.

The Automated Session Version is the same thing as the Manual version but it takes the automation feature a little further. When you boot the disk, it asks you for the name of the Ghost cast session. When you enter that name, it passes that name to the Ghost loading data. This disk will automatically start Ghost and connect to a Ghost Cast session and begin the image download process. This disk may also be altered to become an image creation disk as well.

The Instructions explains how each part of the CD works and also instructs you on how to add your own NIC drivers onto your disk.

Due to copyright restrictions, I am unable to include Ghost.exe on any of the downloads. You must add your own Ghost.exe v8 or above to the ISO images in the Ghost folder.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me on the message board.



UPDATE: Here is a beta iso with SATA drivers. This needs community testing because I dont have a SATA drive. Please leave feedback on the shoutbox.

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